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Kids 4 Peace

2018 Festival: Building a New Jerusalem

A huge thanks to all who contributed to a great weekend - our wonderful speakers, writers and artists, sponsors, stewards, Bloxham school staff and of course festival-goers. Sign up to our mailing list to keep in touch and to be the first to hear about the next festival! 






'Our mission is to encourage a love of literature as it relates to faith, and to create a thoughtful and relaxing space in which to consider works of literature and their religious and moral themes. It's for anyone who is interested in the big questions of life.'

Sarah Meyrick, Festival Director



'...a great opportunity to take time out to consider literature and faith in a beautiful setting with lots of other interesting people.'

Sir Tony Baldry, Founder & Chairman of the Festival




Simeon Courtie
Ruth Valerio
Rachel Mann
Ghada Karmi
Kate Nicholas
Thu 12 Apr @ 09:59
RT @SCM_PressMarking the centenary both of the end of the First World War and the original publication, our third new title out…