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……in England’s torn, conflicted land?

Perhaps not a new Jerusalem, but a different future? And not just for us, but for the whole human family and for all creation. What if the seeds of transformation are already present in us, just as the butterfly’s wings are already present in the humble caterpillar, and what if today’s turmoil is also the creative heart of the chrysalis? What could that mean and what could it ask of us in these turbulent times?


Margaret Silf explores these big questions through the lens of her new books:

Hidden Wings – Emerging from troubled times with new hope and deeper wisdom’ and ‘Born to Fly – A Handbook for Butterflies-in-Waiting’ (both DLT, 2017)


12.30pm Friday 16th February 2018


Margaret Silf

Margaret Silf is a spiritual explorer and the author of a number of books for 21st century pilgrims who may or may not identify with organised religion. She travels widely, leading retreats and days of reflection. She has a grown daughter and two grand-daughters and lives in Staffordshire.


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