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Participation in Economies of Love: Foodbanks, Politics and Theology

Food, despite the accusations levied at religious groups for being other-worldly and anti-material, has featured heavily in the histories of Christian and Jewish thought. From Passover to Eucharist and fasting to harvest festival, it is little surprise that religious groups sensitive to suffering and food’s symbolic elements would be leading food justice and food aid campaigns both nationally and internationally. To eat is to participate in a reciprocal economy of love: to be first loved and to give love in return. This talk will ask how well contemporary Christians are embodying the best of their own tradition, and what the future of Christian engagement with food (in all its multifariousness, agriculture, ecology, policy and ecclesiology) will involve.

12.00pm Friday 21st February 2020
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Participation in Economies of Love

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Student: Participation in Economies of Love

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Charles Pemberton

Charles Roding Pemberton is the author of a forthcoming book on foodbanks and political theology for SCM Press. He has taught theology and social theory at the Universities of Manchester and Chester and currently teaches at Durham. Father to a noisy son, husband to a wonderful wife. And he will have his carrot cake, in this life or the next.


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