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I Thought There Would Be Cake

Life never turns out as we expected. Katharine Welby-Roberts unpacked everyday issues of blame, self-doubt and identity in her debut book 'I Thought There Would Be Cake' with empathy and humour, helping many to think about how we might live life a little better. We look forward to welcoming her to Bloxham for the first time. 

Katharine Welby-Reoberts will be in conversation with Festival Director Sarah Meyrick. 

2.30pm Saturday 17th February 2018


Katharine Welby-Roberts

Katharine Welby-Roberts is an advocate for mental health provision in the UK. She works for Christian disability charity Livability UK, which seeks to support churches in developing community that is inclusive of those who experience marginalisation and stigmatisation in society and the church. Katharine speaks about issues relating to mental health and runs a popular blog,, in which she discusses her own experiences with depression and anxiety. She is married to Mike, and they live in a tower at Lambeth Palace with their baby son, Elijah.

Sarah Meyrick

Sarah Meyrick is a PR professional working in the charity sector, and also a freelance writer. She writes regularly for the Church Times. Her first novel, Knowing Anna, was published in 2016. 


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