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Returning to Jerusalem: Past and Future

Ghada Karmi grew up in Palestine, but her family fled to Britain as a result of the 1948 war, and she soon found herself coming of age in the coffee-bars of Golders Green in 1950s North London. Many years later, she returned to Palestine to trace her roots. She talks to her friend Karl Sabbagh, the son of a Palestinian father and author of 'Palestine: A Personal History', and 'Britain in Palestine', about exile and return.

Please note, this session will take place at St Mary's Bloxham. 



2.30pm Sunday 18th February 2018


Ghada Karmi

Dr Ghada Karmi was born in Jerusalem and her family lost their home in the Arab-Israeli War on 1948 when Israel expelled Palestinian Arabs from villages and towns in which they had lived for centuries. As well as being a medical doctor she is an academic at Exeter University  and writes and speaks regularly on Palestine and Israel.  Her book In Search of Fatima tells the story of how she returned to her family home in Jerusalem to rediscover elements of her childhood and to understand how the Palestinians, who used to form 90% of pre-1948 Palestine, became a minority in their own state.  She has also written Married to Another Man, which argues for a One-State Solution to the Arab-Israeli dispute, and Return: A Palestinian Memoir. In 'Returning to Jerusalem: Past and Present', she will be in conversation with Karl Sabbagh, a British-Palestinian documentary maker and writer, and author of Palestine: A Personal History,  who lives in Bloxham.

Karl Sabbagh

Karl Sabbagh is a British-Palestinian documentary maker, TV producer, writer and publisher. His books include Palestine: A Personal History, telling the history of Palestine through the story of his Palestinian father’s family.  He worked for the BBC and then became an independent TV producer. He has written a dozen non-fiction books on science, engineering, architecture and psychology. He lives in Bloxham.  


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